One of the first and most important lessons to be learnt ……

Many years ago my best friend introduced me to golf and I fell in love with the game.  In those days public courses were relatively easily accessible and affordable and I took full advantage of them.  During those early years as played these numerous courses I met a lot of people and most golfers being nice and empathetic of the difficulty of the game are enormously helpful to each rather, and in that vain many of them, young and old, experts or novices, were all willing to give the advice to help me get better as it was clear to them all that I wanted to play better.  No doubt all of these pieces of advice seem to help my game as I clearly did get better and was playing average or above average golf in a few years.

However, as I got more ambitious and joined a club (primarily for business reasons) I found that I was not getting better, and relative to many other competitors my game was not quite good enough.  As I read more books and spoke to a few pros I discovered that in order to get to the next level I had to UN-learn a lot of things that I had to learn over the course of the early years as a hodge-podge of advice from many, no doubt well-meaning quarters. In order to PLAY BETTER golf, I had to follow a systematic process of Learning the PROPER to play golf and first and foremost unlearn a lot of things.