The Great Project

The GREAT Project

The purpose of the GREAT project is to build a virtual community where its members collaborate to deliver GREAT (Globally Relevant Education and Training) Education, built on the premise that education is by far the most effective means of achieving prosperity in today’s world traditional education systems are not enough and need to be supplemented with GREAT Education.
1. Keep it simple. Simplification is the rule in problem-solving. Expand this.
2. Collaboration trumps Competition. This is very honorable, yet it seems to be a mere adage in our present. How can we make this relevant? I think this should be one of the main lines of the program – bringing our individual strengths together to benefit the world – thus we need to expand, define, convince everyone, and truly build this project on the foundation of collaboration.
3. Make it relevant to the specific target audience based on the above grouping. So there will be different variants to the program? Yes it will be parameterized like the quadratic equations and the corresponding formula…. GREAT will be like the formula where depending and your level ( as defined above will determine the parameters
4. Make it affordable for each and every one of these groups. This is one of the key issues… I’m hoping to find a solution, through my studies and work experience. Heyyyy we TOTALLY agree on this one….
5. It should be self-sufficient in terms of its own survivability Timeless? Evolving? This is vague – but in theory paramount.
6. Its sole aim is to equip each individual with the necessary tools to attain the next level of prosperity. On their journey to whatever level of prosperity they choose to seek. Is this possible? Realistic? How is the balance of the world maintained… scarcity and rigidity…. This really needs to be analyzed. These are issues ONLY if we assume that this is a zero-sum game--- while in a sense it is( ultimately) but in our context, it is not – and this is a key mind set that needs to be changed that one success dies not to mean some one elses’ failure or ones gain is at some one else’s expense…-
7. Prosperity is not measured simply in terms of financial prosperity but also includes physical (personal / health), emotional and spiritual prosperities.
The GREAT philosophy looks at the world population as broken down into various groups of prosperity levels as follows, determined by its accessibility to or its ability to generate economic resources:
  • Independently Wealthy
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executive Level
  • Upper management
  • Middle Management
  • Management
  • White collar workers who are these  — These are basically people who work in offices etc… and wear WHITE overalls – mainly in SERVICE industries – usually INTELLECTUAL labor 
  • Blue collar workers who are these   — These are basically people who work in factories etc etc… and wear BLUE overalls – mainly in MANUFACTURING  — usually MANUAL labor
  • Min Wage workers
  • Illegal employment
  •  Unemployed ( on Welfare ) wouldn’t this category be above illegal workers because of the social security, albeit to a limited extent, they benefit from?  I was thinking interms of INCOME, I expect that even the illegal immigrants earn more than un-employed on welfare 
  • Unemployed
  • Dependents
  • Forced labor is this illegal employment too? Not necessarily – Criminal perhaps For example the peoepl woerking on the constructioopon in Qatar to prepare for the world cup etc.. Or for that matter just working in many of the middle east countries
  • Refugees
  • Nobody Cares

The current education systems function and cater to the upper echelons of these groups.  The mission of EdEx is to cater to all each and every one of these groups.

Although, as a professional educator in the current systems I try to make the education, we provide currently, as globally relevant as possible, I believe with EdEx, we can reach a much wider audience and therefore a secondary objective of Edex is help make the current Education systems GREAT.