The GREAT philosophy and Values

The GREAT system is based o the following principles/values/beliefs:   

  1. It is not an alternative or a replacement for the current education system but rather a supplement to it for bridging the gaps it leaves behind. Why would people need it? Desire it? Consume it? –The world we live in is based, and built upon the current system of education which, indeed, is catered to the upper echelons of society. It is no longer individuality and creativity which are rewarded but rather one’s ability to fit into the cookie-cutter vision of jobs and how they move society forward, albeit in a stagnant manner – which I believe will ultimately self-implode. 

The New world order

Recently, subsequent to the events in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Vladimir Putin, there has been a lot of talk about the world order.  In a recent speech, President Obama and other prominent EU leaders have talked about how the actions of Mr.Putin are threatening the new world order 

While they are right about the new world order and its significance to the world the reality is that a new world order is emerging but it is not the same as the one, either they or Mr. Putin are visualizing.   The world order they are visualizing is the pre-Internet world order, a by-product of the cold war.   The only difference is how one group manages another.  One is a little more autocratic than the other.

The new world order, as most recently symbolized through the Arab spring, is the true post-internet world order.  And as a matter of course and natural evolution will be the new world order.  The only question is whether will it happen by design or by accident or as a matter of natural evolution.

The four Phases of GREAT education