GREAT@ Website

In simple practical terms the mission is to build a ‘Social  Network’, initially in the form of a website/portal to meet the following objectives:

  • Create awareness about the GREAT Education system, its objectives, and its underlying philosophy.
  • Design the GREAT curriculum, which is relevant to all people and provides each individual with the intellectual tools to help them succeed in their pursuit of prosperity.
  • Provide a central platform, for those in need of education as well as those with the ability to provide GREAT education, to collaborate and seek each other out.
  • This includes bringing together various organizations (Non-Profit) engaged in Educating the poor so that they are much more effective and provide them the economies of scale).  
  • Provide the means to manage the delivery of this GREAT education.

In essence, to build an Education exchange just like the Stock exchanges only instead of stocks the commodity is education or more precisely information.  Perhaps we can call it problem of accessibility  — what do you mean??

Note to Self: Research the name Edex, com/org  or EDX, etc 

Sir Ken Robson’s (?) TED talks about creativity and education  — Good idea…at some point, it will be great to have his support & even collaboration….

We believe the best way to educate is by learning through sharing of experiences. 

Although I have been teaching Higher Mathematics for almost two decades, not a day goes by when I don’t learn anything new.  And when I am asked what I teach, I say I don’t teach mathematics, I teach life.  

Often kids ask me why do we have to learn this mathematics stuff.  I put my hand in my pocket, pull out a wad of notes and go for the MONEYYYYY.  Don’t let anyone tell you it is not about the money, it is all about the money.  Nothing wrong with making money.  What is not kosher is making money the wrong way. 

While this drives the point home and most students get it, the REALITY is that education is about Prosperity and money; financial prosperity is just one of the four forms prosperity each of us seek as we live our lives.  

Education is the vehicle which can facilitate our path to prosperity, and it can come in various forms.  Just like on our multiple journeys, we can use different types of vehicles, planes, trains ships, cars horses, and yes, our legs, so we have different levels and types of education which can help us succeed in achieving our objectives.