Great@ Road Map

Implementation Plan / ACTION Items:

  1. Start designing the Portal/website.
  2. Help with the research to get the data for the main charts in the introduction.
  3. Create super duper graphics for these charts (to be also used in TedX)
  4. Finalize the “Great Design” document, as it will be needed to fulfill the first part of the mission to create awareness of the GREAT system. (This also includes work on Rags to Riches-a guide – we need to talk about this a lot)  — Yes – I hope to get a better version than the one I gave you earlier shortly ….after the exams/reports are over  etc 
  5. Build the portal part of the website to allow for those wishing to collaborate to sign in.
  6. Start soliciting the initial group of early adopters of GREAT to begin collaborating, which will initially be to build the platform.  This will be the leaders and the team, which will implement and manage the project.  This is the G-team. Awww can we be the A-team – sounds so much swankier( Mr. Zurflu already has the A-team, he might think I stole it from him- but sure we can be the A-Team)
  7. Complete the platform to the satisfaction of the A-team.
  8. Test the platform for functionality.
  9. Select a test group of those requiring education.
  10. Launch to the select group.
  11. Up on successful completion of the test group, fully launch  EdEx.
  12. Manage, Monitor, and Support EdEx.

We need investors! Manufacturers to materialize all this! Where will we find the resources? – this is secondary at this point, but we should think about it

The idea is that this entity is supposed to be self-sufficient—but you are right it needs some investment up front until we get some volunteer support (A-team) who can recruit more volunteers to do some initial work… If there are some initial resources needed such as the infrastructure for websites etc, I am willing to fund that… I already have that stuff in place and have been paying for it for a while .. it requires people to work it and get it to a point where it starts to support itself….