About Education

GREAT@ education program and the philosophy and context behind it. 

The main idea is that the current education system is about creating employees so they can go into the workforce and help the 1% get even more prosperous.  Although the purpose of education really should be to help people learn how to make smart decisions so that they can all prosper.   So, the question becomes \”what kind of an education system would satisfy the requirement of helping people make smart decisions and become prosperous\”. 

In order to make smart decisions, you need two things, you need relevant and timely information, and then, once you have that,  which is what we call refined information, you need the skills to be able to process this information to make smart decisions. Smart decisions are those which help you succeed in your objectives.  Which is where the computers can come in handy because they can help you process the information faster, with  great  accuracy and greater objectivity.  Which is perhaps why, some of the most successful organizations, particularly, the financial institutions have some of the most sophisticated IT (Information Technology) systems.  However these systems do not and (should not) make decision, what they do and should do is to provide the REFINED information people need in order to make smart decisions.  

So the success of the organizations once again depends on the ability of the people to make smart decisions, hence the importance of education, and  . You need people to be able to process that information to satisfy their particular objectives because the same process which is good for one person may not necessarily be the  most effective one for  somebody else.