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Education is a path to prosperity for a few.
Great Education is a path to prosperity for all.

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GREAT@, Globally Relevant Education And Training” is designed to do just that. It consists of : 

  • Knowledge – refined information – Accurate, reliable, relevant  and timely.
  • Skills to process this refined information to help make smart decisions. 

So, how are we going to go and create this GREAT education system? 

GREAT@ Academy is that system which is designed to provide people access to both the knowledge as well as teach them the skills for processing this refined information.

About Education

– Education is key to human progress and the path to prosperity and success –

However over the years education has been hijacked by the 1% to manipulate and train the 99% to serve them.  It is for this reason that the gap between the 1% and the 99% is increasing.  

To stop this widening gap, the solution is quite simply to expand the current education to be more RELEVANT, accessible and affordable for all to make it work for the 99%.

This Channel is dedicated to this cause by providing FREE, Re-designed education in the form of short videos created by its founder. The objective is to help people learn to make SMART decisions.

GREAT Education Mission

The Mission of GREAT Education system is to teach students how to make smart decisions and to provide them with the tools and the means to be able to make better decisions in a constantly changing environment.

The GREAT philosophy and Values

The GREAT system is based of the following principles/values/beliefs:   

It is not an alternative or a replacement for the current education system but rather a supplement to it for bridging the gaps it leaves behind.

Why would people need it? Desire it? Consume it?

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It should be CLEARLY understood that this education is offered as information which, each individual should use, solely at their discretion, to make the best decision for them. Mr. Khan and this site assumes no RESPONSIBILITY for the consequences resulting from following this advice.